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When you need a locksmith, you want one who can handle any lock repair or replacement. With our service, you get access to a master locksmith with decades of experience. We can help with any lock-related needs, so don’t hesitate to call us!

I’m Rick, owner and full time locksmith covering Walsall, Cannock & Wolverhampton. I’ve been working as a master locksmith for over twelve years and am known locally as the go to guy for all lock repair and replacement work at great prices.

I am a genuine local locksmith, not a call centre. You are guaranteed a reliable, friendly and trustworthy service.

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Simply give me a call, email me or a Whatsapp and I will give you a quality repair or replacement service at a great price, guaranteed.

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If you are in need a genuine locksmith look no further than Rick’s Locksmith & Door Repair. Unlike most other services you find online, I am not a call centre so be rest assured you are dealing direct with a real and geniune expert locksmith locally. I cover Walsall, Cannock, Wolverhampton and surrounding areas. Dealing direct with myself you are guaranteed price savings and a fast geniune service.

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Rick Corfield
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5star local locksmith review

Local Locksmith - No call center!

I repair everything from broken lock mechanisms and jammed doors to hinges and patio door rollers.
5star local locksmith review

uPVC repairs, both domestic & commercial

Crime prevention and burglary prevention

Shutter locks, Aluminium door locks

Walsall, Cannock & Wolverhampton

Old & worn window lock mechanisms can be repaired

If your door isn't closing or locking correctly call Rick

If your key safe won't open ask Rick to help

One key to open all locks

I attend evictions on a daily basis supporting bailiffs

Patio doors, rollers and sliding doors repaired

Deal direct and save money

Repairing locks, windows and doors after a burglary

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5star local locksmith review

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Unknown but effective Lock Repair Near Me

When your UPVC door or window lock gets jammed, it’s usually is a result of a malfunctioning lock system or the euro profile cylinder as headed out of alignment. The key might not turn all the way in or will not turn the lock in some cases. When this takes place, it normally results to the lock getting stuck or jammed.

If you have actually been told that you have a door lock that can not be repaired or replaced, call us first prior to thinking about a brand-new door. We do not fit doors and so we are not going to try to offer you a brand-new door. All our repair work and replacement locks come with a, the only locksmith professional company in Walsall, Cannock and Wolverhamppton to do so.

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Typically a repair work to a window can be viewed as a “little job” that no one will wish to do. We do not see it like that at SF Locksmiths, with a replacement window costing numerous pounds and a trouble as well, our objective is to fix your window problem rapidly and expertly.

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We are positive that we will resolve your lock problem with little fuss and that you will be totally satisfied with the technique we use. The store will not work correctly in the case when cookies are disabled.

We will try to fix the locks if our locksmith professional thinks they can be. Some reasons as to why you might need your locks changing or changing consist of: At Ricks Locksmith, we have the group efficient in fixing or fixing all kinds of locks – lock repair near me. Whether it is a Euro cylinder lock or a, our group are here to make sure that the work is performed effectively and efficiently.

Local Lock Repair

Whether it is a replacement or repair work, we will make sure that your residential or commercial property is made safe as soon as possible. lock repair. Contact a member of our group at Ricks Locksmith. Our regional 24 hours locksmiths are on call 7 days a week to offer you with a fast and trustworthy service.

Give us a call on today and we will get somebody out to come and examine the status of your present locks. We provide no call out charges and can be at your property in less than thirty minutes.

When it concerns lock repair work in Runcorn, Windowgeeks must be your no. 1 choice. We are rated the finest window & door repair company in the regional area, we have the ability to give you a no hassle and complimentary competitive quote on all windows and door lock repair concerns.

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It can be rather stressing when a window ends up being jammed shut or can not be locked shut, or a door lock becomes jammed or challenging to run. We can assist you with any of these problems and more. Having actually currently have served numerous customers with lock repair work in Walsall, Cannock and Wolverhampton already, we understand a thing or two about service, quality and getting the best lock repair work at the right rate.

Our little team can assist bring your window or door back to life, and working simply the way it should. To discover out how we can help with your lock repairs Runcorn or any other window or door problems in Runcorn, get in contact with us today.

LOCK REPAIR WORK COSTS IN Walsall, Cannock and Wolverhampton When looking for ‘lock repair costs in Walsall, Cannock and Wolverhampton’, Locked Out 24 Hour Locksmith will arrive fast and will not charge a call-out fee. We comprehend that the cost of fixing a lock in Walsall, Cannock and Wolverhampton increases a lot with a call-out fee and it becomes part of our philosophy to keep the cost of lock repair in Walsall, Cannock and Wolverhampton as economical as possible.

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Here at we offer a variety of insurance approved TS007 snap-safe locks. It is crucial to note that some house insurance coverage suppliers require a particular requirement of lock to be set up on a property for the policy to be legitimate and in the even of a claim for them to pay.

Patio Area Door Lock Repairs If you have a set of Outdoor patio Doors you might find that gradually the locking system becomes difficult to run. This is normally a sign that the doors might require adjustment, the lock system needs a service, equipments may have broken or they just require a great service.

We can service all designs of patio area doors, in addition to all kinds of outdoor patio door locks and locking systems, including Multi-Point locks. Wear and Tear Using a set of patio doors will eventually cause use over time as they are high traffic products and in consistent usage. They will become misaligned, drop or be increasingly tough to move open and closed.

Lesser known Lock Repair

If you have actually lost your Patio Door Keys call Christopher The Locksmith professional, as an expert locksmith, we can change any secrets and also cut spares if required, all this can be done on-site or at your property. Outdoor Patio Door Lock Failure If your Patio Door Lock has actually entirely stopped working, is jammed or is becoming stiff we have the experience to carry out any repair, all gathered from over 12 years in business.